How to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Steak Dinner at a Steakhouse

When one gets the opportunity to enjoy a special steakhouse dinner, there is no better place to go than Myron’s Prime Steakhouse. This steakhouse has been featured on San Antonio’s Best Of and is one of the best-rated eating establishments in the San Antonio area. Knowing what to order when you go to this restaurant is crucial so you can thoroughly enjoy your meal and leave happy and satisfied. This guide will help people to place the perfect order for a delicious night out on the town.

Best Steakhouse 2016 uses only corn-fed USDA prime beef. When they receive their beef, they hand trim it and hand pick each steak. The steak goes through a special process most restaurant owners do not bother with. The beef is first dry aged for fourteen days and then it is wet aged for twenty-eight days. This offers their beef a unique, rich flavor that is amazing to enjoy. Not only does this process give a delicious flavor, it also makes the beef incredibly tender so you can almost cut it with a butter knife.

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When you come to the restaurant, you will want to first enjoy an appetizer. Their specialty is Shrimp Myron which offers plump shrimp covered in a rich and creamy sauce. Those who love a good bowl of hearty soup will want to try the Soup de Jour which changes each day. Their French Onion Soup is a customer favorite and is on the menu often.

Once a person has enjoyed their appetizers, salads are always a good choice. The wedge salad is a delicious and lighter choice which pairs perfectly with any steak. This restaurant offers a plethora of side dishes like creamed spinach and broccoli au gratin. There are so many choices, many people find they end up needing to come back a few times so they can enjoy all of them.

Their steaks come in a variety of cuts like T-Bone, Filet Mignon, and New York Strip. To ensure you get the maximum amount of flavor, make sure to order the steak medium rare. This ensures it is warm all the way through but it will still be juicy and delicious.

If you are looking for a prime steakhouse san antonio, you cannot go wrong with you visit this restaurant. They offer the best-tasting steaks in the city, in a variety of cuts. No matter what you order on the menu, you will love it all.